Essential Kitesurfing Kit List for beginners

So you have done your lessons? Now all you need to is get your equipment  and start practising. But what do you need? Your instructor should have gone through the key requirements; however time may have passed and you could be unsure of what you actually need. An we all know buying the equipment and starting to use it is where the fun really starts!

Lets start with the key items:

The kite itself

Naish Park Kite 2014

As a newbie you will want something that has a good wind range, and the ability for easy relaunch. If you are purchasing from a shop they should be able to advise  you on the best option. If you are getting started on a budget and intending to pick up a second hand kite, you need to make sure it is ideally newer than 2010. The type of kite would be either a delta, bow, hybird Kite, make sure you avoid C-Shape kites. For more information on this check out our Guide to buying a second hand kite Here.

By buying from us you have peace of mind the kite has been checked for safety, a key thing to consider when starting out with a second hand kite.

You should be fully awear of how the saftey systems, however the Mystic KRS Hook Spreader Bar will give you and extra level of saftey.

Next the Kiteboard

Naish Hero Kiteboard 2013

In the old days you used to have to get a massive kiteboard in order to get up and plane, the problem with this is that once you had mastered this element of the sport you would need to get a shorter board for more progressive riding. Because of enhanced kite design you can now get a smaller more progressive kiteboard from the start, an average weighted guy would be looking at a board around 138cm long. There is no real need to
get second hand as a new board can cost as little as £375 such as the North Gonzales, however if this is still over budget you might want to consult our used Equipment guide for more information on what to look for when choosing a second hand kiteboard. Remember once you purchase it, this is a key item and you won't need to buy again, so think price per use! check out our used kiteboard buyers guide here.

Which harness to get?

Dakine Pyro Maniac Kite Harness Brown 2014-L

Opinion is sometimes divided on this as some say to go straight for a waist  harness, personal experience tells me a different thing. I would advise a Seat Harness for a beginner, this makes getting the kiteboard on easier, less strain on your lower back, it gives you a better stance for riding upwind,  and makes it easier to put your board back on in deep water. Whilst a  waist harness will dig in under your ribs and can rise up under your
armpits, not only is this extremely uncomfortable but it hinders your ability to ride upwind and reattach your board in deep water. We strongly  advice people to try harnesses on in a local shop in order to get the correct size and fit. Also you need to make sure that the harnesses has a hook Knife, if it does not make sure you purchase one, you never know when you might need to cut loose.


O'Neill Hammer 3/2 Fullsuit Wetsuit 2014 - Black/Grey/Red

If you are kitesurfing in the UK or cooler climates you will definately need a wetsuit, again this is something that is better to be tried on, so if you have a local shop its worth paying a visit if only to ascertain the  correct size, beware, different styles and brand can differ in size.

Gloves and booties

O'Neill Heat Ninja Split Toe 3mm Wetsuits Boots

You may need gloves and booties depending on climate and location, if is cold you will need both, if it is warm you will not need the gloves but  you would be well advised to get some booties, as a beginner you are  lightly to be walking back up the beach many times until you master staying upwind. Try and get a pair that are low profile as this will make it easier getting your feet into your bindings.

Buoyancy / Impact Vest.

Dakine Surface Impact Vest Black 2014
This something not to be scrimped, an Impact vest can offer much needed  impact protection against 3rd party obstacles and impact onto the water, in addition to this it will keep you warmer and buoyant especially if you get caught out in cold water longer than expected. Another benefit is water starts, when you are leaning the additional upper body Buoyancy make putting your board on much easier. Try and make sure you get a kite specific impact vest, they have less padding on the lower part of the vest
thus not impinging your harness.


Mystic MK8 Helmet Purple 2014

You may find as a beginner you will be learning in shallow water, a helmet can protect you against your head hitting the floor, it can also protect you against impact with other 3rd parties such as groines, dog walkers or other kitesurfers.

Have fun and keep at it, once you master it kitesurfing is addictive!

Essential Kitesurfing Kit List for beginners

Dakine Pyro Maniac Kite Harness Brown 2014-LNaish Hero Kiteboard 2013O'Neill Heat Ninja Split Toe 3mm Wetsuits Boots Mystic Smooth Glove 2014

Naish Park Kite 2014Dakine Surface Impact Vest Black 2014O'Neill Hammer 3/2 Fullsuit Wetsuit 2014 - Black/Grey/RedMystic MK8 Helmet Purple 2014